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Langevinovo chápanie racionalizmu modernej vedy

Filozofia, 27 (1972), 4, 359-371.
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Starting from an analysis of general theoretical studies and lectures on the character of modern physics, its educational importance etc., it can be stated that the term „modern rationalism“, into which Langevin summed his philosophy of science, expresses relatively truly the manysided dialectics of scientific cognition, inclusive of dialectics of cognition and reality. Even though Langevin’s standpoint of a scientist — specialist is not sufficiently philosophically argumented, nevertheless it has its importance in explanation of the contents of the notion of rationality in modern science and thus also in surpassing the onesidedness of the empiristic — positivistic philosophy of science. Langevin gradually achieves the standpoint practically identic with gnozeology of dialectical materialism, when under the rationalism of modern science he understands always more and more clearly the essentially theoretical character of scientific cognition, further the dialectically conceived continuity of science and, especially, when he attains the conception of science as a spiritual continuation but also condition of material activity. Such a conception of modern rationalism has resulted in Langevin’s rare equanimity in the quarrels brought about by the development of new physics namely in the discussion about the conception of determinism in quantum physics.
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