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K marxistickému a neoracionalistickému chápaniu dialektiky reálneho a racionálneho v modernej prírodovede

Filozofia, 34 (1979), 2, 191-203.
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Dialectical materialism formulated the new conception of rationality. Starting from it it solves also the problem of dialectics of the real and the rational in sciences. Neorationalism, namely that of Bachelard’s, states many aspects of new rationality in modern natural science, but as it does not accept the principle of reflection, it solves inconsequently the problem of subject and object, and it conceives of practice as “technicity“ in a very narrow sense, it reaches only to new rationalism, but not to an understanding of the new type of rationality. This is why even the real dialectics of the rational and the real in modern natural science remains hidden.
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