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Moderná veda a problémy človeka

Filozofia, 35 (1980), 6, 613-631.
Typ článku: State - Významné životné jubileum akademika Andreja Siráckeho
The paper, an homage to A. Sirácky’s jubilee, deals with some theoretical-methodological issues of the development in contemporary science. The author analyses the category “integration“ as it is conceived by A. Sirácky and he further explains its internal connection with the complex, interdisciplinary character of research in modern science. In the second part of the paper he investigates A. Sirácky’s attempt at applying integrative processes in science to the example of constituting new scientific region — sciences on Man, investigating problems of Man in a complex way. It is the choice of competent scientific disciplines, the so-called dominant discipline, possible specialised philosophical investigations on the basis of a general theory of Man that is being an open question. In the end the author presents his own model of interdisciplinary research of problems of Man.
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