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Spoločnosť a ideológia

Filozofia, 35 (1980), 6, 647-658.
Typ článku: State - Významné životné jubileum akademika Andreja Siráckeho
The work of A. Sirácky deals with problems of ideology in three main aspects: First, ideology as a component of social consciousness (gnoseological and ontological aspects of consciousness, ideology as expression of interests of social classes etc.), second, ideological aspects of propagandist and ideological-educational work and third, the analysis and criticism of various, first of all contemporary, bourgeois non-Marxist ideological theories and conceptions. In this paper the author concentrates upon the first two aspects, especially with a view to the defining of the concept “ideology“ in Marxist-Leninist philosophy, the function of ideology, relation of ideology and science, of ideology and worldview. It is the fundamental characteristic of ideology in the Marxist conception of spiritual life of society that ideology works as a specific reflection of social reality (it reflects interests, aims, attitudes, motifs, views of classes).
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