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Dialektika jako logika a metodologie vědeckého poznání

Filozofia, 36 (1981), 3, 258-273.
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The paper shows the Marxist-Leninist Worldview in the systemic unity of its basic components as a new type of rationality, logical style corresponding to the dialectical development of sciences in the second part of the 19th and in the 20th century. The dialectical stage in the development of science is characterized by genetic-structural dialectical analysis which comprises the unity of logical and historical method and the manner of proceeding from the sensuosly concrete to the abstract and from the logically abstract to the ideologically concrete. The author aims at confirming and proving the Leninist principle of the unity of dialectics, logic and theory of knowledge and he also speaks on the problem of relation of general methodology of science and dialectical logic. He shows that general methodology of science is always connected with certain assumptions, worldview aspects and with solving basic philosophic questions, with the theory of knowledge. In the end of the paper the author points out the task of the Marxist-Leninist philosophy in the integrative processes of scientific knowledge.
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