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Gnozeologické východiská výskumu kultúrnych potrieb

Filozofia, 36 (1981), 5, 535-548.
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The paper puts it as its starting point that cultural needs as all human needs represent a subjective-objective relation. The author concentrates upon the subjective component of cultural needs. Their bearer is the human personality. The human personality is always a subject of its own needs, its own activity. It does not, however, mean these needs arise capriciously, separated from regularities of social development. Special attention is paid to problems of motivation, to the question what it is that initiates the chpice and the saturating of individual cultural needs. In this connection the author points out the psycho-stimulative function of cultural needs as an instrument of the positive forming of the personality and social groups in the sphere of cognitive, evaluating, transformative and communicative activities.
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