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Kultúra a vedecko-technický pokrok

Filozofia, 40 (1985), 6, 693-704.
Typ článku: State - Filozofia a kultúra socialistickej spoločnosti
In the system of culture as a whole science and technology take their firm place and especially in the present time are considered to be important factors, influencing the process of appropriation of natural and social reality by Man and simultaneously they are the means of its transformation. Under conditions of the socialist society they contribute a great deal to humanization, cultivation and to the all-round development of Man through multifarious ways in which they mediate the interaction with Nature and modify forms of social connections. Scientific-technological progress incites qualitative changes in the character of the material and spiritual production, it liberates Man from such froms of labour in which he acts solely as a rough physical force, it increases the proportion of leisure, changing at the same time its structure, it produces technical possibilities and means for propagation and appropriation of culture, giving thus an ever greater number of the members of society the possibility to participate actively in the process of the creation and development of the socialist culture.
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