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Poznámky k alethei

Filozofia, 52 (1997), 1, 10-20.
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The essay follows the Heideggerian questioning the possibility of standing out in the "Lichtung" given by a contrasted background. Individual beings show themselves on the background of something that makes this showing ontically and ontologically possible, i.e. on the background of something nonspatial and timeless, which, however, makes the spatiality and temporality of all beings possible. The truth in the sense of Aletheia as the uncovemess is a theory deriving from ancient thinking. Going back to the origins in the sense of uncovering the background, which generates the meanings of beings, then means the way out of the "unpenetrable thicket of the forest", which is a metaphor of the complex reflection of our world. Attention is paid to the structure of "coming nearer", as the temporality of this sort remains still disregarded in noetic analyses.

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