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Štrukturalizmus redivivus (Situácia v 60-tych rokoch 20. storočia)

Filozofia, 60 (2005), 10, 746-760.
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Structuralism took part in the efforts to revive intellectual development in the former Czecho-Slovakia in the 1960s as an efficient methodological instrument, a scientific meta-theory, as well as an inovation in the field of philosophical theory (e.g. the structurology of I. Hrušovský). Open discussions were focused on the questions such as the relation between methodology and philosophy, system and structure, system and development, problem of the connection of synchronicity and diachronicity, the role of the subject, etc. Czecho-Slovak school applied the dynamic aspect of the structure as a dynamic whole. This school came up with its own concept of dialectical structuralism, specific and different from French conceptual-instrumental model of structuralism.

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