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Vzťah medzi logikou a metafyzikou na príklade predikácie (Niektoré otázky teórie predikácie u Bertranda Russella)

Filozofia, 60 (2005), 3, 150-154.
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The objective of the paper is to analyse the relationship between logic and metaphysics on the basis of predication. Its further aim is to analyse the theory of predication, especially from the perspective of three significant problems: the problem of basic statements, the relationship between subject and predicate, and the analysis of individuals and universals. Another aim of the contribution is to examine the terms such as basic statement, subject, predicate, individuals, universals, and to compare two Russell’s periods, in which his attitudes were different. The last aim of the paper is to find answer to the questions, such as: Can individuals appear in discourse only as subjects, or also as predicates? Can universals exist in both these roles, as subjects and as predicates as well? In other words, which term can we use as subject and which one as a predicate?

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