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Filozofia ako výskum využívajúci umenie. Filozofia na scéne

Filozofia, 68 (2013), 5, 426-440.
Typ článku: Projekty performatívnej filozofie

Since ancient Greek philosophers like Gorgias, Plato or Aristotle called the art of poetry a (magic) form of fiction that contradicts scientific forms of knowledge, a historical abyss has been introduced between the arts and the sciences, which still haunts us today. It was Nietzsche who first questioned the legitimacy of this distinction by calling the sciences a special form of art. My article will claim that Nietzsche was the philosopher who first assumed that science and philosophy are art-based- research practices. Philosophy is not representing a given truth but has to create it by staging it both, on a conceptual AND a fleshly level. Philosophy on Stage such becomes a post-socratic attempt to perform philosophy as the creation of a certain mode of living rather than a dialectic form of communication for the exchange of scientific arguments.

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Art-based-research, Nietzsche, Philosophy on Stage, Plato

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