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Problém vzťahu rozumu / filozofie a viery / náboženstva v stredovekej filozofii (Averroes, Boethius z Dácie a Tomáš Akvinský) a paralely so súčasnými prístupmi

Filozofia, 73 (2018), 4, 282-293.
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The paper deals with the relationship between reason/philosophy and faith/religion with some medieval authors (Averroes, Boethius of Dacia and Thomas Aquinas). Its first objective is to emphasize the key approaches such as the subordination of philosophy to religion or vice versa, which is based on the difference between the “absolute and relative” aspects. Its second objective is to identify the parallels and differences between the medieval and current strategies of addressing this issue (forms of conflict, independence, dialogue and integration). The author's opinion is that the relationship between reason/philosophy and faith/religion is primary methodological. The conflict between reason/philosophy and faith/religion is the result of a broad generalization of one of the two terms. The best form of the coexistence of science and religion is their mutual independence in those cases where we do not feel competent in any other than our own scientific discipline, or some form of a dialogue/integration (if we do have the necessary expertise).

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Averroes, Boethius of Dacia, Conflict/Independence/Dialogue/ Integration, Faith/Religion, Reason/Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas

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