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O povahe poznania v umení

Filozofia, 73 (2018), 8, 647-659.
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This article analyzes the epistemological status of work of art. It starts with two propositions. The first one is an ontological proposition: (1) “Something new emerges in the creation of a work of art”. The second proposition is: (2) “A work of art can be the result / means of research and brings knowledge”. At first sight, the two theses contradict each other. If we understand the work of art as the result of research (2), we are expecting that it is a representation of reality independent of that work. However, if the work of art creates reality (1), then we are dealing with ontological constructivism where we do not distinguish between reality and its representation. The paper suggests the perspective within which we can answer the question in what sense art may bring us knowledge (2) and maintain the proposition (1) at the same time.

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Art, Creation, Interpretation, Knowledge, Ontology of work of art

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