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Úvahy o našej revolúcii

Filozofia, 22 (1967), 1, 3-11.
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In 1945, two possibilities existed: either immediate transition from the antifascist resistance against outer and inner enemies to the socialist revolution, or an orientation towards a democratic revolution. The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in account of political conditions decided in favour of the second orientation, although economic conditions were ripe for the immediate realization of the socialist revolution, The orientation in favour of the democratic revolution made it possible for the communist party to mobilize all forces (political and economic) towards a gradual and peaceful transformation of the people’s democratic revolution into socialist revolution. The period of the people's democracy (1945 — 1948) was a temporary and transient period which was decisive for the victory of political power in favour of the working class. The people's democratic revolution is a specific form of the democratic revolution, one of the various ways to socialism. The progress by itself and the specifity of thisj progress were determined by inner and outer conditions, but the inner conditions are to be considered as decisive, determining factors. The evolution of the people’s democratic period had to overcome two extremes. Whereas at the beginning the emphasis was put on general theoretical principles consequent from the teaching of the classics on revolution, now the specifity of our revolution is emphasized. Only a dialectic synthesis of both evaluations and their confrontation with reality eliminates onesidedness and is a contribution to the objective knowledge of the progress of our revolution.
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