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Predmet estetického hodnotenia

Filozofia, 22 (1967), 6, 618-630.
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The present study deals with the problems of the specificity of the object of aesthetic valuation, which in contradistinction to conceptual knowledge and its object, is being realized in man’s consciousness as quality in aesthetic perception in a certain aesthetic and life meaning and sense. The problems of the study represent the theme of the first chapter of the work Theory of value of art which will appear in the collection of the Philosophical Faculty UK at Bratislava „Musica“, volume 1968. It has following chapters: 1. Object of aesthetic valuation, 2. Forms of integration of an artifact in man’s consciousness, 3. The problem of value and philosophy of values, 4. Specificity of value of art as an aesthetic quality, 5. Aesthetic qualitative character of value of art and typical opinions about it, 6. Artifact as a structure in itself without qualitative character of aesthetic perception, 7. Value of art and its qualitative measure, 8. Specificity of cognition of value of art, 9. Act of valuation, 10. Concrete forms of value of art and possibilities of an investigation into them, 11. Verification of value of art, 12. Relativity and objectiveness of value of art.
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