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Racionalita v dialektike

Filozofia, 25 (1970), 4, 319-324.
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The paper considers two types of rationality. It the rationality of pre-dialectical materialism and that of dialectical materialism. The author focuses first of all on the ontological background of the two types of rationality. The pre-dialectical type of rationality rested upon a substantive-atomistic starting point and upon mechanistic determinism. This type of rationality made, seemingly, for a complete explanation of processes. But it was precisely the substantive starting point that created a region not accessible to knowledge. The inconsistency of the rationality of old materialism is removed in dialectical materialism. Transforming materialism into dialectical one the substantive viewpoint is abolished and thereby also the region excluded from the sphere of our knowledge. The rationality of dialectical materialism has surmounted the rationality of mechanistic philosophy.
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