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Svetonázorové varianty buržoáznych koncepcií vedeckotechnického pokroku

Filozofia, 27 (1972), 5, 437-446.
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In connection with the last preparations for participating in the 15th World Philosophical Congress the author of the paper draws attention to the urgent need of a summary critical view of both ideological standpoints to the scientific-technological phenomenon that occur in bourgeois thinking of today. The paper is an attempt at pointing out both the social and the specific sources, signs and functions of these standpoints in the ideological front of contemporary bourgeois society. In confrontation with the Marxist conception the author reveals in the contemporary bourgeois conceptions a fetishization of the phenomenon of the scientific-technological progress, a onesided, metaphysical and objectivistic-abstract manner of thinking and of understanding science, technology, man, society and their mutual relations. At the same time he draws attention to the fact that overestimation or underestimation of this or that aspect from the contradictory results of the contemporary scientific-technological development not only unintentionally coquets with this or that bourgeois conception of this development, but it negatively influences also the practical attitude of people to this process in socialism.
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