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Ideologický a teoreticko-metodologický základ buržoáznych koncepcií vedeckotechnickej revolúcie (Možnosť humanizácie vedeckotechnickej revolúcie a jej vzťah k sociálnej revolúcii)

Filozofia, 28 (1973), 4, 340-355.
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In the introductory part of the paper the contradictory character of the scientific-technological revolution is pointed out and the social-human problems that are brought about with it. The author emphasizes the fact that the scientific-technological revolution is the subject of a sharp ideological fight. The marxist-leninist powers lead a sharp struggle not only for a correct theoretical-scientific interpretation of the scientific-technological revolution, but also for its practical revolutionary adoption. In the further part of the paper the author points at the origin and character of contemporary bourgeois conceptions of the scientific-technological revolution. He divides them into two groups: a group with an apologetic-affirmative attitude and a group with a critical-negative attitude to the scientific-technological revolution. The former is represented by vatious technocratic conceptions first of all, which make a fetish of the scientific-technological revolution in its contemporary concrete stage in capitalist countries and the latter is represented by the cultural-critical conceptions which reprobate it. The author then analyzes and reveals their common bourgeois social-ideological foundation and in its consequence also their metaphysical theoretical-methodological substance. This bas enabled him to explain why, how and where these verbally contradictory conceptions, as all extremes, meet, complement and evoke one another into existence. In the conclusion of the paper the author points out why the bourgeois conceptions of the scientific-technological revolution, despite fragmentary information and stimuli, are not able to graps and command its substance, to grasp its real dialectics, to determine the correct diagnosis and therapy. This task can be fulfilled only by the marxist-leninist conception of the scientific-technological revolution. The author points out, at the same time, why the scientific technological revolution cannot solely liberate the mankind from the sway of the forces of capital and why it itself must be, by means of the socialist social revolution, set free from these forces so that it could materialize its own challenge for a full self-assertion and fulfill the humanizing-emancipating function in the life of man and society.
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