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Niektoré aspekty racionálnej činnosti

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 2, 158-164.
Typ článku: State - Dialektický materializmus a filozofia prírodných vied
In the first part of the paper the author analyses the opinion that rational activity is essentially linguistic. He points at the practical dealing with objects, at the tenacious transforming of reality, at the active solving of problems, the evaluating of results and anticipation. The account continues then with an analysis of Kant’s conception of rational activity, in which, besides the a priori legislation of nature (Verstand), there is the a priori legislation for freedom (Vernunft) and judgment (Urteilskraft) as a mediator between them. The author points out that Kant’s conception, in some points, does not correspond to the present state of knowledge, it is intrinsically inconsequential and in many respects incompatible with the principles of dialectical materialism.
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