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Tridsiate výročie oslobodenia a problémy marxistickej filozofie na Slovensku

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 5, 469-482.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Filozofické problémy rozvoja socialistickej spoločnosti
The rounded-off and key events in the life of nations present an occasion for stating an account. The significance of the past events is evaluated and the prospects for the future are surveyed. Sinvlar reasons have led to the rise of this paper and to the character of its contents. It deals with an analysis of the political-ideological — and in it also the philosophical — orientation of our people and experts in the events that concerned the World War II and its results. First of all it is about to find out how we — —correctly or wrongly had oriented after the victory over fashism in 1945. From this point of view, the situation in this country was complicated in 1945: there were among us theoreticians who took their bearings as fasthists, guislings, there was a camp of bourgeois experts progressively thinking in relation to fashism and, namely, the fight against reaction was headed by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, its theoreticians and men who backed it actively in the Slovak National Insurrection. All these facts composed a state that it was a comlicated affair to feel the ground in after the liberation. The author of the paper has attempted to point out the causes of the complication and how it was solved. Finding out the positive and negative qualities the author wanted to find out also what were the tasks of the Slovak theoreticians, if they were to equal the standard of the builders of socialism and to form a unity with the working masses who. very quickly succeed in coping with the drawbacks that appeared in our efforts in the critical events of.the years 1968 — 1969.
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