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Dialektika národného a internacionálneho v rozvoji so­cialistickej spoločnosti

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 5, 483-489.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Filozofické problémy rozvoja socialistickej spoločnosti
The paper is concerned with the relatively little elaborated problems of the dialectics of the national and the international in the contemporary conditions of the world development and outlines some answers to the questions. It points at the wrong subjectivist conception of the relation between the national and the international, the metaphysical separation of the contents of these notions and the harm of the sharp putting of the national against the international. The author considers, as a starting point of investigating the dialectics of the national and the international, the Leninist teaching on the two tendencies of capitalism in the question of nationalities, which may be applied under certain conditions (an insertion into a certain historical frame) also to the analysis of thie problem in the development of the socialist society. The author is concerned in detail with the new contents of the national and the international in socialism and states that — on the basis of this new specific contents the relation and mutual operation of these two aspects changes qualitatively. In this respect the international becomes the more and more decisive aspect of the dialectics of the national and the international, the inner connection of the national and the internaional becomes more organic, but in the contemporary stage of development of the socialist countries there still remain also some partial and temporary contradictions. According to the author, one of the fundamental tásks of Marxist philosophical works is to help disclose the roots and the substance of these contraditions and to overcome them on the basis of the priority of the international. In the conclusion the author criticizes the methods of the contemporary anti-Marxism, the „pluralization“ of Marxism and the non-scientific activity of the so called Budapest School.
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