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„Moderná“ buržoázna filozofia a genéza, vývoj a teoretické zdroje filozofického revizionizmu

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 6, 608-623.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Kritika revizionistických teórií
The paper analyzes, by the comparative method, the contemporary revisionism and the two basic tendencies of bourgeois thinking. The author proves that the ,,positivizing“ tendency of bourgeois philosophy has been followed up by the contemporary vulgar-scientistic neo- -positivist revisionist trend, which acquired in Czechoslovakia — with regard to the traditions of Masarykism, structuralism, neo-positivism, social- -democratic reformism — a great importance. The „anthropologizing“ tendency had been reassumed by the dominant revisionist trend in Czechoslovakia of the years 1968 — 1969, the so called philosophy of man, socialism with „human face“ and the so called authentic Marxism. These bourgeois and revisionist trends found their starting points mostly in the subjectively interpreted works of „the young“ Marx, in putting them against the „mature“ Marx, Engels, but namely against Lenin. On basis of this they denied the validity and legitimity of the Leninist stage in the development of Marxist philosophy. The paper analyzes in detail the theoretical sources of the contemporary revisionism. An analysis of the ontological, gnozeological and theo'retical-social views that have been elaborated by philosophical revisionists on this basis represents a logical conclusion of the paper.
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