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Filozofické predpoklady štruktúrneho bádania

Filozofia, 32 (1977), 1, 33-39.
Typ článku: State - Marxizmus a štrukturalizmus
The contribution to the discussion at the conference on Marxism and Structuralism is dealing with the problems of structural research in natural-scientific and social-scientific branches. The author emphasizes the positive aspects of structural methodological proceedings at elucidating the structural and systemic properties of the inner coherent and consistent wholes and organic forms of objective reality. He characterizes them as an inevitable part of scientific-philosophical research, where the demands of a strict formalization and investigation of elements, objects, organic wholes by means of relation bindings and connections stand out. The author keeps his distance from structuralism as idealistic doctrine that absolutizes relations and denies the possibilities recognizing objective elements and objects of reality.
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