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K vzťahu materialistickej dialektiky a systémového myslenia

Filozofia, 37 (1982), 1, 29-36.
Typ článku: State - Problémy metodológie a teórie poznania
The category of the system as a methodological paradigm makes the basis of the productive methodological movement in contemporary science which has been called systems thinking or systems research. The category „system“ concretizes historically, it develops the category of the whole and links up with the dialectical line of the development of scientific and philosophic thought. Nevertheless, the systems thinking cannot be made subordinate to the categories of the system and structure. On the contrary, the category of the system must be interpreted in the materialistic way. The categories „system, structure, element“, when transformed by the principles of dialectics, function in one way and they work in a different way in the framework of the non-dialectical way of thinking. It is only in the transformation by dialectical materialism that they enrich the comtemporary stage of development of materialist dialectics and on the other hand, the dialectical interpretation of the category of the system, both in the specialized scientific research and in concrete methodologies, increases the gnoseologic and methodological effectiveness of the category of the system.
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