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K otázkam ďalšieho rozvoja našej filozofie (Teoreticko-metodologické aspekty)

Filozofia, 36 (1982), 1, 48-62.
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The Marxist-Leninist Philosophy Is a dynamic system which has been incessantly moving and developing. Creative development of this philosophy has more sources and motive powers. These are, first of all, traditional ideologic sources: creative application of the history of philosophy, imanent dialectics and logic of philosophy as a structured system with internal systemic interaction and finally the inspirations philosophy receives as a subsystem of the whole system of scientific knowledge and other forms of appropriating the world by Man. The Marxist-Leninist philosophy does not aim at knowing and explaining the world only but it also wants to take an active part in its transformation. For this sake it builds up purposefully its practical-transformative and ideological dimensions to be able to function as a revolutionary instrument in the hands of progressive social forces. 'Not only does this philosophy meet the criterion of being scientific but it also means practical functionality and humane value. It is the theory of Marxism-Leninism and the policy of the Communist Party which play an important role as a mediator between philosophy and practice. In the end of the paper the author refers to problems of institutionalization, organization, planning and management in the sphere of philosophy — on the national and international scale. Such problems, though non-traditional and seemingly unphilosophic, play, however, an important part in the advancement of philosophy.
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