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Materialistický monizmus a interpretácia spoločensko-historickej skutočnosti ako prírodno-historického procesu

Filozofia, 37 (1982), 5, 613-629.
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Setting out from the antagonisms of material processes as a precondition of self-mcition of material being which, in its development, forms qualitatively differentiated spheres of objectivity, Marxist philosophy does not interpret material unity of the world as a problem of the classificatory net of facts, but as a problem of genetical transformation of dialectical totalities. Understanding of the rise of new qualities becomes, therefore, its most serious methodological question and the complex interpretation of the highest, from the point of view of development, the social sphere of beingis its most important theoretical question. The author makes use of Marx’s economic analyses in his work „Grundrisse“ (the dialectics of the prerequisite and ’the result of activity) and he interprets the relation of natural and social sphere of objectivity from the viewpoint of genetic connection and structural discontinuity of the two levels of development. The rise of social being does not mean absolute negation of natural toeing, but it is its dialectical negation, the qualitatively graduated restructuration of outward natural prerequisites into the inner „results of its being“.
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