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Dialektická negácia

Filozofia, 41 (1986), 3, 272-283.
Typ článku: State - Aktuálne problémy materialistickej dialektiky

Dialectical negation in its ontological meaning is an important category of the dialectical universe in which everything flows, exerts mutual influence, restricts each other and thereby also negates.

In the paper these external negations are analyzed which are related, from the viewpoint of a particular thing [its qualities, etc.), to other such and different things which are to that particular thing in substantial, necessary relationships.

In the case of the excluding external negation the things, qualities, etc. with which the particular thing cannot exist are the matter; in the case of the complementary negation the things, qualities without which the particular thing cannot exist, are the matter. All these negations are then always functions of n-arguments.

External negations are only one aspect of the internal negations. Through the analysis of the finite being we come to the conclusion that its substance forms its internal limitation, therefore its internal negation.

All the analyzed negations are part of the categories of dialectical logic.

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