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Súčasné tendencie vo vývoji buržoáznej filozofickej antropológie

Filozofia, 41 (1986), 6, 706-718.
Typ článku: State - Kritika nemarxistických filozofických smerov

In the paper the author concentrates on the analysis of the latest development tendencies in German philosophical anthropology of Scheler’s type. When defining basic typological characteristics of, this form of bourgeois anthropology, she divides its to date development in two periods and shows some theoretical shifts and methodological innovations which have accured it.

She analyzes in detail especially two tendencies which are not typical of anthropology close to Scheler, but of the cantemporary bourgeois anthropologism in general. The first one is refusal of individualism, abstract humanity, overestimation of autonomous and self-determining personality and a growing interest in problems of socialization and institutionalization of the individual, a revival of traditional ideals of the bourgeois society — a powerful state, authority, discipline, civil awareness, etc. The second important: tendency is dropping of romantic antiscientism, accepting science and efforts for a reconstruction of the philosophical project of man on the basis of empirical knowledge of special sciences.

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