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Monolog, dialog a pozornost k Já

Filozofia, 64 (2009), 5, 436-442.
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The study analyses a narrative monologue, an inner monologue, and a monologue which includes a dialogue between the author (implied author, narrator) and the reader/spectator, from the point of view of the recipient’s participation in the narrative. It employs Mukařovský’s analysis of to what extent a monologue is present in every dialogue as well as latent and sometimes manifest dialogue features present in every monologue, along with the side-participation of hearer/spectator. The notion of side-participation is expanded on the triangular model of attention with continual presence of ego-consciousness. Thus every monologue has a side-participant who consequently holds a conversation with himself, especially in the case of an aesthetic attitude. Each member of a communicative situation embodies three roles: those of a speaker, a hearer and a side-participant.

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Monologue, Dialogue, Side-participation, Attention, Ego-consciousness

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