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Podmínky poznatelnosti Boha ve filosofii G. W. F. Hegela

Filozofia, 66 (2011), 1, 59-73.
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The study offers an account of Hegel’s religious epistemology based on his Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion. It is understood as a result of Hegel’s efforts to determine the sufficient conditions, which make the knowledge of God possible. Firstly, Hegel’s philosophy of religion is sketched as an investigation of the religious consciousness as well its subject, i.e. God. Secondly, the concept of Absolute Spirit is construed as a self-manifestation to specify Hegel’s understanding of God. Finally, the paper shows Hegel’s way to epistemological realism, which is a middle position between theological anti-realism and theological agnosticism.

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Hegel, God, Consciousness, Religion, Epistemology, Realism, Feuerbach, Anti-realism, Agnosticism

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