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Text, sieť a iné nečistoty

Filozofia, 66 (2011), 7, 623-633.
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The paper deals with the concept of text, showing its transformations in semiotic studies. First the text is excluded from semiotics in favor of the system and its paradigmatic perspective, as shown in the works of L. Hjemslev. Then the meaning of the text is reconsidered as in later works of Barthes and mainly in the text theory of J. Kristeva. Both of them mark the transition to the further, poststructuralist stage of semiotics. This transformation made the text close to the image of a network. The paper goes even further: Following B. Latour it tries to justify the acceptation of hybrids and impurities. Moreover, it requires not only a reconsideration of the philosophical method, but also an acceptation together with impurities the effects of balkanization.

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Text, Semiotics, Post-structuralism, Network, Hybrid

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