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Kierkegaardov príspevok k Buberovej filozofii židovstva, teórii vlastenectva a teórii politických skupín

Filozofia, 68 (2013), 1, 5-16.
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Kierkegaard’s influence on social-political thought is a lively topic in current scholarly debates on Kierkegaard’s philosophy. Buber’s social-political reception of Kierkegaard is relatively well-known but the research has so far focused almost exclusively on Buber’s dialogical oeuvre (i.e. works written after 1916). The paper broadens the scope of research by elucidating Buber’s pre-dialogical reception of Kierkegaard’s ideas and conceptual emphases. It examines the ways in which Kierkegaard provided inspiration for Buber’s philosophy of Judaism, theory of patriotism and theory of political groups.

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Existentialism, Philosophy of Judaism, Philosophy of religion, Social and political philosophy, Theory of patriotism, Theory of political groups

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