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Prepotrebný posun v prístupe k slovenskej filozofii

Filozofia, 79 (2024), 6, 677 - 683.
Typ článku: Recenzné štúdie
The text is a review study of the lexicon František Mihina (ed.): Personalities of Slovak Philosophy of the 20th Century, Bratislava 2023, which characterizes the main idea of each lexicon entry. It emphasizes the extraordinary need to look with a calm eye and a sober mind at the events of the self-reflection of Slovak culture in the form of a probe into the contemporary Slovak philosophy. The review positively evaluates the contribution of the authors specifically in the context of the inscendentalizing break in the culture of the 21st century, consisting in the turning inwards, into oneself of all layers and directions of civilization and its bearers after the onset of the second axial era as a condition of survival after the exhaustion of the planet's existential resources. In our national context, it highlights precisely the timeliness of the contribution of the authors to the intensification of an intergenerational dialogue.
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modern Slovak philosophy, contemporary Slovak culture, cultural potential, wishing of ideas, love for the teacher

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