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Popper’s Deductionism (devoted to the Academician Igor Hrušovský)

(Original title: Popperov dedukcionizmus (Venované akademikovi Igorovi Hrušovskému))
Filozofia, 32 (1977), 2, 145-165.
Type of work: Papers - The 70th Birthday of the Academician Igor Hrušovský
Publication language: Slovak
The paper is a sequel to our preceding works analyzing the various conceptions of science. The paper analyzes the structure and qualities of dogmatic or positive deductionism (scheme [1]) and critical or negative deductionism (schemes [2] and [3]). It describes the structure and qualities of Popperian science and compares it with the structure of the inductionist Carnapian science (schemes [4], [5], f6]). The critique of critical deductionism will be following.
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