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The Social Form of Motion and the „Humanized” Nature

(Original title: Sociálna forma pohybu a „poľudštená“ príroda)
Filozofia, 32 (1977), 6, 597-615.
Type of work: Papers - Man and his World
Publication language: Slovak
The studying of the material fundament of the motion of society has always been the topical problem of historical materialism. In the contemporary conditions of improving the material organization of the socialist society it operates permanently upon the character of the social motion of mankind, upon the speed of social progress. The manysided process of the development of the material fundament of socialism is an object of analysis of the Marxist-Leninist theory of social development. New conclusions and generalizations enrich the apparatus of the social-scientific cotegories. On the level of the Marxist sociological theory, the investigation of the category material substrate of society leads to the development of general-scientific, ideas of the substance of social form of motion, to the improvement of classification of the form of motion of matter. The present paper deals with the circle of questions that are concerned with the dependence of the social form of motion upon the organization of material substrates of social life, it pays attention to the connection of social form and natural forms of motion of matter in the process of mutual co-operation of society with nature.
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