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The Methodological and World-Outlook Importance of the Category of Practice in the Question of Substance of Man

(Original title: Metodologický a svetonázorový význam kategórie praxe v otázke človeka)
Filozofia, 32 (1977), 6, 616-631.
Type of work: Papers - Man and his World
Publication language: Slovak
The ideo-theoretical and world-outlook break in the philosophical problems of man can be marked only with the rise of Marxist-Leninist philosophy; the introduction of the category of practice changed besically the old pre-Marxist concept of man and his social world. The theoretical-methodological and world-outlook importance of this category is the more relevant as it represents a graet gnozeological progress in the history of philosophical iniciatives, because by means of it the specification of man and of social reality towards the world was made possible on the one hand, but at the same time their mutual connection was discovered, the vivid dialectics in which the practical re-shaping aquisitive process, inseparable from human existence,' is constituted as a process of human self-development and historical advancement.
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