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The Great October Socialist Revolution and Contemporary Bourgeois Ideology

(Original title: Veľká októbrová socialistická revolúcia a súčasná buržoázna ideológia)
Filozofia, 33 (1978), 5, 503-517.
Type of work: Papers - To the Criticism of Bourgeois Philosophy and Ideology
Publication language: Slovak
On the background of the exploration of the legacy of the Great October Socialist Revolution the author analyzes individual currents of bourgeois philosophy and ideology, which testify the crisis of the traditional bourgeois trust in capitalism as a natural and the only reasonable way of social production and social arrangement. From this point of view it deals with contemporary meliorism, social pessimism and with the latest irrationalist apology of capitalism. He investigates first of all their function at the apology of the capitalist social system.
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