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Creative Activity of the Subject in Scientific Cognition

(Original title: Tvorivá aktivita subjektu vo vedeckom poznaní)
Filozofia, 38 (1983), 4, 425-435.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
In the paper the author raises the question of creative activity of the subject in scientific cognition, his freedom and limitations, determined by the object of cognition. The starting point of solving this question was a critical evaluation of 1] the neo-positivist conception of freedom of the subject of scientific cognition, „logical constructions“ (or theoretical constructions] and their exploitment in scientific theoretical cognition, 2] philosophical interpretation of the role of the „observer“ (i. e. the subject) in quantum mechanics. On the base of criticism of the subjectivist conception of the role of the subject in scientific cognition the author comes to seemingly paradoxical conclusion: further development of scientific cognition shows the necessity of increasing creative activity of the subject which results in achieving objective knowledge. The author does not take a subjectivist stand, on the contrary, she strives to evaluate rightly the significance of the role of the subject in scientific cognition.
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