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Man — Culture — Society

(Original title: Človek — kultúra — spoločnosť)
Filozofia, 38 (1983), 4, 457-469.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophy and Culture
Publication language: Slovak
In culture the process of mutual transformation of the subjective and objective, the ideal and real, the spiritual and material, the spontaneous, causal and lawful is taking place. Culture is typical of considerable dynamics. The principle of activity has high heuristic value in problems of culture. Activity and subjectivity are inseparably connected with one another. The specific moment in the analysis of culture consists in the specific quality of inseparable connection of the subject of activity with the activity and social relations into which the active subject enters during his life. In culture the process of transformation of the social into the individual and the process of formation of the individual as social being are merging, precolating, fusing and coming together. This consonance of the individual and the social takes place only if social relations, rid of dehumanization and human estrangement, are unfolding. Only under the construction of the communist society we may speak of such a mission of culture whose task it is to secure the human development, adequate to the universal character of social productive forces and social relations which are appropriated by this individual during his life activity.
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