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Sartre’s Conception of Dialectics of History in the Centre of Non-Marxist Discussions

(Original title: Sartrova koncepcia dejinnej dialektiky v centre nemarxistických polemík)
Filozofia, 42 (1987), 4, 462-473.
Type of work: Papers - Criticism of Non-Marxist Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak

The philosophical genesis of J. P. Sartre, represented by his work Critique of Dialectical Reason, is characterized by his effort to moderate extreme individualism and subjectivism of the original existentialist standpoint and consider the individuality in its socialhistorical dimension — as the subjects of practice und the maker of history. It represented an attempt at bringing together existentialism and Marxism and its aim was to develop anthropology — in Sartre’s words both structuralist and historical.

The key for revealment of the real character of this anthropology is, in author’s opinion, Sartre’s conception of dialectics of history.

The author sets her aim to evaluate critically some typical nonMarxist controversies and responses to this problem (Gurvitch, Lévai-Strauss, Grisoni), which makes it possible to show which are, according to contemporary non-Marxist thought, weak sides and, in turn, inspiring moments, consequently also possibilities of greater vitality of Sartrian variant of existentialism.

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