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To the Formation, Advancement and Intensification of Socialist Consciousness

(Original title: K formovaniu, rozvíjaniu a prehlbovaniu socialistického vedomia (Myšlienky k IX. zjazdu SED))
Filozofia, 33 (1978), 4, 383-392.
Type of work: Papers - From the Philosophy of the GDR
Publication language: Slovak
Starting from the new programme of the Unified Socialist Party of Germany, agreed at the 9th congress, the author presents the questions that belong to the circle of problems of the regularities of spiritual life in the advanced socialist society. The questions of forming, developing and intensifying the socialist consciousness are being investigated in connection with the historical process of intensive political, economic, social and spiritual-cultural changes in advanced socialism and on the path of communism. The author has concretized the basic law of forming the socialist consciousness from four aspects.
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