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The Bourgeois Man between Existence and Being

(Original title: Buržoázny človek medzi existenciou a bytím (Marxis­tické poznámky k filozofickému vývinu Martina Heideggera))
Filozofia, 33 (1978), 4, 458-471.
Type of work: Papers - From the Philosophy of the GDR
Publication language: Slovak
The paper deals with the philosophical development of Martin Heidegger, whose creation has been divided into two stages by the author. In the first — in the period “being and time“ the centre-of-gravity of Heidegger’s creation is the existentialist analysis of human being. Later, he left the analysis of human being and turned toward a new dimension, to being. He realizes the so called ontological differentiation between being and existence, he deals with the criticism of science and the whole „west-European metaphysics”. He writes hermeneutic studies to the works of not only pre-Socratists and inclines consciously to mythology. The author points out at nihilism and the religious-mystical objective idealism of Heidegger’s conception, which in its final consequence is a reflection of the crisis of bourgeois society and bourgeois man of the 20th century.
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