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On the Specifity of Social Knowledge

(Original title: O špecifiku sociálneho poznania)
Filozofia, 36 (1981), 5, 493-506.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
Social knowledge represents a particular kind of scientific knowledge, subordinating itself to its general criteria and Jaws. The specifity of social knowledge depends immediately on the specific character of the social reality itself, the social form of the motion of matter. It is determined by the typical qualitative distinctiveness of social life, the laws of its functioning and development, the specifity of social determinism whose base is made up by dialectics of the objective and subjective. Social knowledge is relatively independent in respect to social being and social activity of people, it has its inner logic and laws of development. The methodology of social knowledge has not cognitive functions only, but also selective ones in view to the evaluation of the social phenomena under investigation and to setting up of aims. In discovering the particular social phenomena man evaluates them from the aspect of certain social-class and world-view positions.
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