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Marx’s Concept of Human Substance

(Original title: K Marxovmu pojmu ľudská podstata)
Filozofia, 38 (1983), 4, 415-424.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
Marx’s concept of human substance as totality of social relations is considered to be the basic specification and starting point on Marxist philosophic conception of Man. The author lays stress on historic-philosophical connections of this formulation and concludes that, apart from this characteristic, Marx defines human substance in the German Ideology as „the totality of productive forces... and social contacts“. In author’s opinion this definition is more complex, because it expresses chief aspects of the contradiction of the objective practical being of human kind and from the methodological viewpoint it is also more operative when explaining problems of the all-round developed personality. In the paper organic unity of macro-social problems and categories of historical materialism with the concepts of Marx’s philosophic conception of Man as the inseparable component of historical materialism are explained. This unity is analyzed on materials of Marx’s works and it forms an important methodologic principle of unfolding historic materialism.
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