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Objective Dialectics and the Problem of "Possible" Worlds

(Original title: Objektívna dialektika a problém „možných“ svetov)
Filozofia, 41 (1986), 3, 307-317.
Type of work: Papers - Topical Problems of Materialist Dialectics
Publication language: Slovak

The páper is based on the dialectical-materialist understanding of infinity and objective dialectics of material reality and it deals with the problem of „possible“ worlds.

The dialectical- materialist conception of infinity is studied from three basic aspects: 1. the qualitative-quantitative, 2. space—time, 3. evolutionary aspect. The distinction is made between our world (universe) — the ontological world and the presupposed possible worlds — the so called ontic worlds which are conceived as a particular discontinuity and continuity of the material unity of objective reality, as its particular moment (part). This interpretation is based on the dialectical understanding of the variety of material reality, its attributive specification and evolution and it also follows the principle of materialist monism.

In order to effectuate consequently the process of cognizing the ontic worlds, Marxist philosophy must overcome basic forms of geocentrism, above all the ontological geocentrism, which leads to a deeper apprehension of the objective dialectics of material reality.

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