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Feminist Philosophy: How Philosophy Could Contribute to the Establishment of Gender-Fair Conditions

(Original title: Feministická filozofia: Ako môže filozofia prispieť k etablovaniu rodovo spravodlivých podmienok)
Filozofia, 63 (2008), 6, 469-479.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper gives a definition of the concept of feminist philosophy from both historical and systematic perspectives. The special character of feminist philosophy is examined on the background of a controversial discourse, which has been developed in some of the philosophical sub-disciplines, such as philosophical anthropology, epistemology, the theory of science, esthetics, ethics, and in philosophy of law or in social philosophy. Regardless of their diversity, all of them share one objective, namely the global democracy, in which the emancipation ideal articulated in feminist movement could be realized.


Feminist philosophy, Feminist epistemology, Feminist esthetics, Feminist ethics, Feminist politics

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