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Myth in the Philosophy of A. F. Losev

(Original title: Myth in the Philosophy of A. F. Losev)
Filozofia, 64 (2009), 1, 39-44.
Type of work: Pohľad za hranice
Publication language: English

The article is devoted to myth as interpretated by Alexei F. Losev (1893–1988), an outstanding Russian philosopher and philologist. In his The Dialectics of Myth. A. Losev aims at revealing the phenomenological and dialectical ways of the perception of myths. Defining the myth through negation, Alexei Losev distinguishes six characteristics of a myth which, on his opinion, give an opportunity „to dissect a myth for its essence and meaning“ and formulate its positively philosophical definition in the so called „formula of myth“.


Alexei F. Losev, Myth and negation, Phenomenological and dialectical perceptions of myths, Formula of myth

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