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Philosophy of Psychology in Realistic Intuitivism

(Original title: Intuitívnorealistická filozofia psychlógie)
Filozofia, 64 (2009), 10, 960-970.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper offers a discussion of the views of intuitive realists on the philosophy of psychology, which the author sees as related to their respective philosophical conceptions. According to the author there were no responses to the intuitivist interpretation of the psychic phenomena from the side of the psychologists of that time. The responses came, however, from the philosophers S. Felber and I. Hrušovský, who criticized the views of O. Losski and J. Dieška immediately after their being published. The psychology of intuitive realism is voluntaristic, closely related to Losski’s ontology.


Philosophy of psychology, Voluntarism, Intuitivism, Psychologism of N. O. Losski

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