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Reversibility and Dogmatism as Philosophical Styles

(Original title: Reverzibilita a dogmatizmus ako filozofické štýly)
Filozofia, 64 (2009), 4, 351-355.
Type of work: Young Philosophy
Publication language: Slovak

The paper offers an analysis of reversibility, a stylistic strategy philosophers employ when solving theoretical dilemmas. Reversibility means oscillating of a philosopher between two contradictory truths or dogmas. First, the adherent of reversibility faces two contradictory truths or dogmas. What follows is a rejection or an acceptance of both poles. In contrast to the style of the authors using the principle of reversibility, the paper describes a specific stylistic strategy preferred by dogmatic philosophers, one marked by moderate modality and certainty of epistemological assertions. But one group of dogmatists also employ a specific kind of reversibility: the new, “original” and “controversial” theory is always postulated in direct opposition to the prevailing doctrine of the day. Regardless to the anti-dogmatic ethos of our times, the comparison of the two strategies shows, that the strategy of dogmatic authors is “more successful” than writing which avoids an unambiguous standpoint.


Philosophical style, Style in philosophy, Reversibility, Dogmatic style

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