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Boundary Experience of Reading: Maurice Blanchot

(Original title: Hraničná skúsenosť čítania: Maurice Blanchot)
Filozofia, 64 (2009), 8, 781-792.
Type of work: Reflections
Publication language: Slovak

Referring to a passage from Blanchot’s novel Thomas l’Obscure, the paper questions the clear contours between literature and philosophy as disciplines. The point where the clear distinction breaks down is the phenomenon of reading. In a decisive moment of each authentic reading, the author tries to introduce a “phenomenology of reading”, in which we ourselves as readers are being transformed to the ones who are read. Light, truth, clarity – all these are notions, which in Blanchot are opposed by passivity, night, and absence. Underlined in particular is the absence of meaning, of any light in perpetuated occidental theoretical discourse, which is nothing more than one’s apology of oneself. Not to betray Blanchot means to abandon pure commentaries of his philosophy and to find another ways of its interpretation. Thus the questions of reading, interpretation, and translation might become the questions of life and death. To articulate this alternative approach is one of the aims of the paper.


Text, Interpretation, Passivity, Boundary experience, Reading, Absence

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